‘wonderful lizard’



Flat floodplains, with a relatively dry warm climate that supported a variety of plants ranging from flower-bearing trees, to conifers, to ferns and gingko trees. 


Thescelosaurus was a genus of small ornithopod (bird-footed) dinosaur. It was one of the last land-based dinosaurs before the Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction event around 66 million years ago. Thescelosaurus has been found in South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Albert in the USA and Saskatchewan in Canada. Thescelosaurus had five toes on each foot with hoof-like claws, a long tail, and rows of bony studs down its back. Thescelosaurs had short, broad, five-fingered hands, four-toed feet. Height: 1 metre; length 3.5 metres.


Probably herbivorous but possibly not exclusively so. Thescelosaurus would have browsed in the first meter or so from the ground, feeding selectively, with food held in the mouth by cheeks while chewing.


 Late Cretaceous (66-68 million years ago)

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