‘varied-toothed lizard’



As it was found in the same rock formations famous for their abundant vertebrate fossils, including amphibians and turtles, it would suggest that the land was a low-lying plain with an abundant water supply.


Named in 1962 based on a skull discovered in South Africa. Heterodontosaurus’ hands were also interesting. Each hand contained five fingers, two of which were opposable “thumbs” allowing the creature to grasp its food.  At the front of Heterodontosaurus’ jaw were small teeth using for chopping leaves and other plant fibres, these were followed by large tusks and at the back of the jaw were tall square teeth which were adapted for chewing. An additional adaption for chewing was cheeks: Heterodontosaurus was also one of the first kinds of dinosaurs to have developed cheeks to keep the food in its mouth. It was about 1.5 metres in length.


Traditionally considered to be a herbivore plant leaves such as ferns, however but some recent studies have raised the possibility that the dinosaur was omnivorous and used its tusks for prey killing during an occasional hunt.


Late Triassic (circa 205 million years ago).

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